Welcome to Atreva, a Fintech project incubator. We are a Mexican company with international roots.
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We are a grup of entrepreneurs and experts in finance and banking technology.


Our understanding

We believe in the opportunity to offer more and better service in finance thanks to technology.


Our Mission

We want to enable our partners and clients to create value.


What are we up to?

We are working on several projects in stealth mode. Our initiatives are heavy on customer contact, mobility and innovative finance. Look out for us in the open soon.

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  • What is

    The word derives from "Financial Technology" and means a company offering innovative financial services, unthinkable without new technologies in computing, communication and mobility. Fintech uses disruptive technologies to change the way companies and individuals consume financial services. Sometimes they may compete, others collaborate with banks. In general Fintechs are small and, when they succeed, they do so by creating value in unexpected ways.
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